Dead Zed 2

Zombies Are Coming…

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15205-bDead Zed 2 is a game for whose who love playing games or watching movies about zombie apocalypse. In this game the situation is very dangerous because the zombies are everywhere. You have to find the safe spot in order to fight for your life and survive. I am sure, that you have played a lot of zombie-themed games but I swear, that Dead Zed 2 is the most interesting one. Unlike other games, Dead Zed 2 offers gamer an interesting plot : You are the one who survived the zombie apocalypse and you have to run away from this town which is full of zombies. The most interesting thing is that during your raids, you will find other people and create a team of zombie-killers. Other people will help you by assisting you during the battle, or you can ask them to go and find other survivals.

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In Dead Zed 2 the most important is to get the most powerful weapon. At the beginning of the game, your weapon is weak and slow enough, but the crowd of zombies is also not big. Everything changes when you move to new territories which are full of zombies. Your final goal is to find the machine gun and buy as much mines and grenades as possible.

How to Play Dead Zed 2 ?

To play the game, you should use the following controls : Use mouse to aim and shoot. [Q] - switch weapons. [R] - Reload Weapon. [1][2][3] buttons are used to detonate bombs. [P] - Pause game. Keep in mind that the bombs are available in the shop. We hope that you will spend awesome time playing the Dead Zed 2 game at our website.

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